Review of AMP™ Radio:part 2

By:Ian Sidle

Here is a list of trackers. The trackers help you find music servers and they are listed by genre.

It shows the bitrate, how many people are listening and how many it can have on (thats the A/b).Sorting can be done if you are looking for a server with low or high connection rates.


Here is the prefence window (from the normal edit prefences place).The Live Windows buttion is for live dithering of the player window.In otherwords when you move the window it stays the same instead of a box of the window.It looks cool, but it wastes CPU speed a LOT.Realistic knobs turn on the knobs on the player window So you can turn the volume up on the player.Tooltips displays text telling you what the buttion the mouse is over does.Filter Sound helps improve the sound quality of low bitrate streams.

Now lets go to part 3

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