Perface :

This presumes you have already installed the developer tools. It will probably work if you have gotten gcc from the darwin cd, or gotten a package somewhere off the net, but I’m not 100% sure if it would work with this (probably will). Of course, if you already got them the hard way, this is a piece of cake.

How to install (compile) ettercap for os x

What is ettercap?

ettercap is a packetsnipper program, that allows you to see the content of traffic, where it is going to and coming from. It also allows you to do this though a switched network. Also (with extra library’s) decode ssh1 connections. So for example, a telnet connection is all send in clear text, and with this you can see literally what they are doing in real time. It can be a useful security tool.

Ok, ok how do I get it already? Well, there is several steps. First you have to download the source code. I would suggest you get the latest versions of everything, but to make it simple and a step by step, I’m providing links to the versions I used at the time of writing (links could die,change,etc). End of warning.

Download the source code for

This is the source code for the application itself. Hard to compile it without it ;p

Glibc - Although they say in the readme you don’t need any library’s, I think it was meant for linux (where glibc is already there). I tried compiling with out it and it wouldn’t work. Then, I got a hunch and installed it. Bingo, it worked like a charm. Make sure if you try it yourself, to make sure its a fresh copy for each time (stale config files make problems). If you are able to get it to work without it, let me know.

Main page

NCurses (optional). Although you don’t NEED it, it makes it much easier to use later on (creates ansi menu’s and such). I suggest you have it on there. Most programs use it anyway (that are from the opensource/linux side) so its good to have regardless.

Now make sure you have root access. You have to have root enabled (can be done various way’s). There are sites out there that explain how to do it. If you can’t figure out how to find a site, none-of-the-less on your own, you shouldn’t be messing with packet sniffers in the first place..Anyway…

su - (to become root a.k.a super user) and enter root’s password)

It would be a good idea to put all the files needed in one folder.

Please make changes as necessary
Please replace proper version numbers and/or file names as needed

tar -zxvf ettercap-0.5.4.tar.gz
cd ..
tar -zxvf glib-1.2.9.tar.gz
cd glib-1.2.9
make install

cd ..
tar -zxvf ncurses-5.2.tar.gz
cd ncurses-5.2
make install

cd ettercap-0.5.4/
make install

thats about it.
Now read the help (ettercap –help) to get info on the commands. Thats pretty much it.

Ian Sidle

SF Bay Area