Escape velocity

review by: Ian Sidle


Basic Game play



Escape Velocity is one of my favorite games I have ever played. So you should see the title on the top of the screen. That's just the title! There is a lot of graphics and detail put into this game so that is why I am putting up with all the bother to make this.

Now If you have not played this game before then you are at the right place. If you have played this game before but are not the good or not sure what to do in the game, then you have also have came to the right place.

Now after you download the game. Then run the game and when it finishes loading then click on New Pilot and name your pilot (you) and your ship. Then click on Set Prefs and make sure that you know all of the keys before you start. Then Finally Click on enter ship.


Now after you have read or not the scrolling lines you are in the game. Press the L key twice and you will land on Levo The planet you begin next to. Then you go and click on Mission Computer and click on a mission and press the M key and it will display a map with a green flag (if you did it right) that will show where the destination of where the mission ends. find a mission on where you go to a near by circle or system.

Then after that you can click on Outfit ship and get stuff for your ship if you want. Also you can go to the Spacebar. Also click on Commodity Exchange and look out for good deals and find a trade route when you can but, still use missions to get $$ and to explore at the same time. Once you find a trade route you can get money, but I will tell you more later now lets get back to the main stuff.

Once you are in space Go back to the map (M Key) and click on the nearest planet in the direction for that mission. (You can hold shift and click on all of the galaxies to get to where you are going). Then you Press J and jump to the next galaxy. Once you get to where you have to go (or have the refuel) press L twice next to the planet to land.

spaceport bar
Also you can go to the Spacebar and see if there is any instant missions. They are the same as normal missions expect that you sometimes get a instant mission from another ship. You also can gamble and see if you win anything and read the news
Click on leave to exit the bar.

Community exchange
Community exchange is a good source of income IF you know how to work it right. I suggest that you get a ship bigger and explore a large area of the map and checking Community exchanges on them. once you find a trade route that is close enough together that it isn't too much trouble to get back and fourth. Then when you have a ship bigger then the first one you get (you don't have to but I suggest that you do). With a empty ship, fly the the planet with the low priced stuff and buy MAX of what you can get.

Then you jump to the planet with HIGH rates and Sell all and repeat. Note This is a very productive way to get cash, but it gets very boring after time. I know there is a trade route witch the galaxies are right next to each other. I am sure of this because I have found it myself. I can give you the planets, only if you want them and you have to email me. So I won't spoil the ones that want to find out them selves.

So many choices!
You may think that a game like this would not have that many choices, If you thought that then you are wrong. You have many different kinds of choices, often ones that are not obvious... You have the choice accepting missions that are in far away galaxies or nearby. You have to choose when to buy your new ship and where also what extras to buy for the ship. Also what to say for the instant missions and what to say to other ships and planets.

Witch side do you choose?
You have the choice on witch side to be on! that is right there is what I see is 4 classes. You Can be a Confederate and be against Rebels and attacking pirates. The Rebels attack all Confederates and sometimes Pirates. Pirates are against anyone they can get their little laser guns aimed on. The last is traders witch are neutral witch don't attack and only trade and are no on anybody's side.

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