January 14, 2006
I get surprisingly quite a few visitors still to this review, so here is a quick update. The Software author has ended the project and you can now download the software for free. On top of that, he is now providing the source code for those that are interested. He has a "beta" carbon release that works on os x (without using classic). Although it has a number of bugs and doesn't work very well. Still, it wroks. It is available at His website

I am currently using mudwalker which (according to the credits) is based on rapscallion (althogh I doubt it shares any of the codebase). It works well and is quite zippy in mac os x. Although at the moment it doesn't have all the features in rapscallion it still has quite a few of them and will hopefully gain more features in the future.
Rapscallion review

by: Ian Sidle 

Have you ever heard of MUD'S, MOO'S,MUSH'S etc?


A MU* (MUD) is a multi-user dungeon (domain)It's a multiplayer game, which is normally played over the Internet. It is played with various text-based systems. Since they are played text based, they are basically limitless in possibilities with what can be done with them. MUD's run off of telnet (terminals),and requires VERRY little connection requirements. A 68030 with a 14.4 modem is plenty. Be warned MUDS a VERY addictive....hehe :).


With hundreds,maybe even thousands of servers based on different universes. With all of these, its difficult to keep track of the special commands. This is where the program comes in.



Mud Client

Rapscallion has so many features, it isn't funny. Here is a basic over view. Its got full colorc support, you can decide the colors and shades(from color picker). It even lets you pick the font of the text!There is scripts up he wazoo. For login,keys,prompts,triggers,channels(With separate windows!)Aliases,variables,editors,characterstickers and journies. Whew!with in each script menu is prefinces for it and the script. Folders are in there for organizing the scripts and when your playing a pattle pops out for the scripts. Also, as can be seen with the image above, you can have it make multiple windows. Each window containing a certain function. Like for example, the one on the bottom of the pict. Its a new menu which all you have to do is click on the window and type what is going to be Private messaged to the persion (who happens to be nighthawk). Same goes for Channels,Whispers,Emotes Whatever you can think up can be done with this. Just punch in what to watch out for and what to do with it.


Click on one of the following links, Each will display what would be there if you clicked on it. (All to show off features not mentioned,how expandable etc).




Here is the command panel, where you punch in what you type in.

Edit commands


With all this and more, it costs 18 European pounds or about 30 dollars, but if mud's is your thing, this is for you.

It can be used with any telnet program, practically fully scriptable and gives you enough bang for you buck to keep you smiling afterwords. So if you have a slow connection, but want to be able to find a good multiuser game(s) or need more then just telnet this is for you. I have registered it myself and love it. You may obtain a trail version and get more info at http://www.rapscallion.co.uk/

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