How to export video out from a av mac:part2

by: Ian Sidle


Setup the software


Make sure you got the AV software installed from the Mac os Cd.If you have a version later then 7, its on there.If you used the "Use me first" cd for your model it should already be installed.It can be found in the apple extra's folder on the cd.Also some installers have it as a package (while others don't).

So here's the monitors control panel. (The old one that you need).So now click on options.

If you want it to be always set to use a TV (like we do) so its dedicated for such a task click on upon restart display video on TV.If there is a monitor cable plugged in , it will automatically use that and forget the TV.This is good so you want to make it dedicated for presentation or something like that.Or use it so you don't need a monitor.


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