(optional) Step Four: Updating
Ok, after going through the installation, its now to update the os (if you can).Just run the image if its in one.Then run the icon that pops up on your desktop.(like a floppy).Then open it and run the updater.Click go, can't go much simpler then that!

Step Five:Getting things workin again
This is pretty simple but you may need to know a trick if you want it Right.

Make sure you boot off the cd again, when the computer restarts.Then run the assistant again.Now just click add back.If you do boot off the hard drive, it won't be able to move over the modem and tcp/ip info because it runs when the computer is running.Then you would have to retype that in, but the rest would be fine.A message like below should appear.Then restart (to get the extentions working again) and your done.

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