A light guide to light browsers:part 2

The downside

The downside is that not that many sites are friendly to the light browsers, and with most you have problems with text based browsers like the wannabe.Icab is the most compatible of the bunch, with the downside of requiring a bit more on system resouces, then the text based browsers but is worth it.Icab just crawls on my power book 170, but it runs nicely on a 840av and screams on my power mac.Also, the browsers don't support shockwave and flash.Icab does support plug ins, but I haven't been able to get shockwave to work.So some sites that are flash only, you'll have problems using.Also, some pages will look awkward because they were designed for poorly.

Which browser for who?

I have listed 3 browsers.Icab is the closest of the three, interface wise compared to netscape or i.e. So if you want things simple,get a speed bost without a learning curve Icab is the way to go.I only use wannabe and lynx when I'm on my powerbook 170.Wannabe has much nicer interface and is point and click.Lynx is all keyboard, so that makes it bit harder to use (not that much) but it suports frames and fourms which wannabe doesn't.So if your on a older machine which doesn't work that well with icab (which is few) then you have these two.They complament each other, in that for just browsing wannabe is great, but if a page has frames and or fourms then switch to lynx when you need it.Even if you have a newer computer but are "hardcore", or want to see what a page looks like in lynx or wannabe there's nothing stoping you.

 The end result

If your using a older mac, these are great for adding life to the machine.Even if you do have a newer mac, but are using dial up these can help speed up your browsing speed.This also works in reverse, if you have a pre-g3 mac but have dsl or cable then these will put less demand on the computer and speed it up as well.If you are a lucky one that has both, a light browser can help too.If you are a "serious" surfer and use a lot of browser windows,or just want to have a page open when using memory hog programs (like photo shop) at the same time without bogging them down.So unless you got a g4, with gobs of ram and a high speed connection, a light browser can be handy and improve your surfing experiance.

Side Notes

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