How to export video out from a av mac

by: Ian Sidle

What's a AV mac?

A AV mac is basically a machine with Audio Video capabilities built in when the machine was first released.So an easy way to know if a machine has a AV in the name.Some models had cards and that would let you add AV to them (from apple).There are third party cards and stuff but I'm talking about strait from the plant.

So which models are you talking about then?

660av, 840av, 6100AV, 7100/66av, and 7100/80.There are exceptions but I would presume you would know sense its your machine.

The cool part about having one of these is so you can input and output video.The one's that are built in (such as these) have the ability to boot up without a monitor and use a TV instead! I know it works because that's what I'm doing at home with our 840av.Why? cause we ran out of monitors but we got plenty of tv's.You could also use it for presentations or sending out video.


So first of all you will need cables.If all you want is video then any rca jack cords will work.Now if you want sound then your going to need a bit more then that. A mini jack to RCA will be needed (you can get one at radio shack).There also have ones that are on a cord so you don't need a adapter.If your using the adapter then plug in the rca cord and plug that into the TV.Plug the other end into the sound out port on the computer. A example of a adapter like this can be found here . Other ones will work too., this is just a example.


 Below is a picture of the cords plugged in.Its grainy but you should be able to get the idea.It was taken from the computer they are plugged into!







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