How-To Reinstall The MacOS

How-To Reinstall The MacOS

By:Ian Sidle


You likly spend hours on your computer each week, and some spend many hours a day for it being their job.So its a good idea to keep it in good shape so time isn't wasted later by fixing problems.Well, this article is about those times where you need to fix problems.This How-to talks about how to reinstall the os cleanly and quickly and with little work.It should also work with upgrading, with a slight adjustment which would be noted further along.


Step One:Diagnosis

There is obviously a few things you have to do first.1st is deciding whether you really need to reinstall the os or you just need to drop a extension.If only one program is having problems but the rest run flawlessly its probably the application.If its an application that use's extensions to work, like quake3 requiring opengl.If quake3 continues to crash after a reset, check to see if the extensions and such needed to run it are on.If they are disabled Then you found the cause and turn them back on.If it continues to crash try reinstalling that will probably do the trick.


If almost all programs are crashing, frequently and while you started up in base extensions, then you probably need to reinstall the os.If you went down to the store and bought a new os, make sure it works with your computer before opening it, because if it doesn't then return it.Also it would be a good idea to get any updates for the os (if any).If its works on your computer then check for compatitability with your current applications.They will most likely work, but some of the older one's might not.


If you data is important to you should go back it up.Although this method is safe, doing a reinstall of the os can always have bad results so better be safe then sorry.Now go and download the clean install assistant.This is a great program and makes it so you don't have to reinstall all your programs after reinstalling Macos.I'll explain the use of this program further on.

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Step Two: Clean-Install Assistant
Step three: Installation
(optional) Step Four: Updating
Step Five:Getting things workin again



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